The Coiled Connection
The Coiled Connection

Welcome to The Coiled Connection

The Space Black Women Didn't Know They Needed

About This Community

The Coiled Connection is a community created to uplift, educate, and encourage women as we discover the beauty of our various curls, kinks & coils.  

 💜A safe space for women who want to learn to manage and fall in love with their hair without the judgment of society. 

💜 A safe space to let go of the stigma impressed upon our hair.

💜 A safe space to become comfortable with your hair and love it for what it is. 


Creating a safe space that is


and switches the narrative and perspective of our hair.


💜 Tips, advice, & education about hair care practices

💜 Group encouragement and support

💜 Daily hair inspiration and affirmations

💜 Wash Day motivation 

💜Weekly & daily discussion about stigmas, misconceptions, and new practices regarding hair care.  

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining us. Please help make this a positive and uplifting environment for all who join.

We only ask that you remain positive and don't bash other people's opinions and ways of managing their hair. 

You will be removed from the group.

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